Strategic Partners

Regen Africa is the driving force behind the AFRICA123 Initiative and the Milkwood City in Cape Town.

Regen Africa has brought together like-minded professionals and organisations, to provide cutting edge design, technological solutions and expertise on how to successfully deliver new urban settlement at scale.

Regen Africa’s Regenerative Philosophy on urbanism is premised on these 7 SMARTER principles to empower and uplift those who need it most in society through the development and delivery of housing, education, healthcare, mass employment and access to home loan mortgage finance, which is currently unavailable in almost all African countries. Each of the 7 SMARTER principles looked at through a regenerative lens brings into focus the intersect between natural and man-made environments. 

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communiTgrow Africa is a private multidisciplinary urban planning firm that has created an integrated regenerative model for expediting deliberately planned large-scale urban settlements in Africa.

The communiTgrow 6-Pillar Model was born out of the Milkwood city project, which is intended to address the needs of rapid urbanization in Cape Town, and has resulted in creating a regenerative solution to building sustainable modern African settlements. It is a model that addresses affordable housing backlogs and unemployment at scale, providing education and healthcare with solutions for food, water and energy security. More importantly, it proposes transparent local governance by local residents of each new settlement.

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See communiTgrow’s 6-Pillar Regenerative Model detailed in their 2012 book 2 Billion Strong which was initially compiled as a How to build new sustainable regenerative African cities guide, to assist African Governments arrest unplanned rapid urbanization. However, it became abundantly clear that another solution was needed given the challenges of delivery across Africa, mostly due to political instability and rampant corruption, hence the AFRICA123 initiative.

2 Billion Strong

Designing and building new cities requires a specialist strategic partner.

For more than 70 years, SMEC has built a reputation as a trusted partner on major transport and energy infrastructure projects around the world. Their design leaders and specialist teams draw on deep expertise and experience delivering projects across a range of diverse environments, from some of the world’s most remote locations to some of the densest urban surroundings.

SMEC understands the value of relationships to ensure that they comprehensively address all requirements at each stage in a project’s development. By closely collaborating with clients, contractors, subcontractors and asset operators, they deliver commercially informed design thinking through local specialists who understand on-the-ground context and industry expectations.

As a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, SMEC is part of a family of specialists. Collaborating closely with the parent and sister companies, they have the flexibility to operate in global markets either individually or in partnership to add value.

Since its formation, Singapore headquartered Surbana Jurong Group has invested in deepening its expertise in architecture, design, engineering, facilities management and security services, building a global group of specialist consulting and advisory firms. With size and scale becoming increasingly important for companies to effectively compete in larger urbanisation and infrastructure projects, SMEC can draw on capabilities from a group of highly specialised consultancies to provide a full service offering to clients around the world based on years of global experience.

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